Better than your average bubbles, Aqua Seltzers, infused with organic kombucha, are refreshing better-for-you offerings packed with probiotics for immune & gut health


"My teenage kids are always drinking seltzers like they are a fashion accessory. Everywhere I look, empty cans are strewn about the house. One day, after picking up the umpteenth can, I glanced at the ingredient list and realized there wasn’t much to them; no real functional benefits aside from providing hydration. That’s when I had my A-HA moment; create a seltzer they want but with functionality. My team and I got to work, and after months of research and development and countless hours of taste testing, a new, bubbly, better-for-you beverage was born."

INTRODUCING AQUA SELTZER, a line of probiotic seltzers infused with kombucha. 

Thirst quenching refreshers filled with goodness for your gut.

Jeff, Founder & CEO

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